Role cards are the starting point for a Player’s character and self-concept. They answer the question “How do I help my party when they need me the most?”

There are 10 basic Roles in the “Dawkin’s Dive” Core Set, split roughly equally into three groups:

Ranged Specialists:

“Close with and destroy the enemy.”

The Marksman¬†is the mainstay of a party’s ranged damage. He excels in engaging at close-to-medium range, downing targets quickly with short, controlled bursts.

“One shot, one kill.”

Instead of wasting multiple rounds, the Sharpshooter spends his time carefully lining up a single, fatal shot.

“A tool for every task.”

The Weapons Specialist is an expert on weapons systems, and she enjoys loading her rifle up with extra modules…from special ammo to undercarriage shotguns to even flamethrowers.

Melee Specialists:

commando “Who wants a piece of me?!”

The Commando prefers to be as up-close-and-personal in his combat as possible, enjoying fighting in-the-thick-of-things. His adrenaline fuels him, and he only grows stronger the more he is surrounded.

“Catch me if you can.”

The Skirmisher prefers to stay mobile in her fights, constantly circling the enemy and watching for an opening. When she has found one, she strikes quickly against a critical weakness.

“Be patient; an opening will present itself.”

The Martialist has honed her fighting skills with the knowledge of centuries past. She waits for her foes to come to her, interrupting or even redirecting their attacks against themselves.

Support Specialists:

“Follow me!”

Tacticians are often found working as team leaders, their abilities naturally complementing their position. They enable their group to focus on and take down specific threats more quickly.

combat medic “Stay on your feet, soldier.”

The Combat Medic is charged with wading into combat that has felled her allies and restoring them under fire. As such, she has been specially trained in defense and is the hardiest of all her companions.

“Need a fix?”

While the medic preoccupies herself with healing injury, The “Doc” uses his methods to tease the most out of the human body. His various concoctions can help allies act faster, ignore injury, or fight with the strength of a bear.

“Hold on; let me set you up.”

The Combat Engineer specializes in using “kits,” helpful devices that range from spy cameras to grappling hooks to grenades. Properly used, a Combat Engineer can change what would have been a difficult battle into a resounding victory.

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