“Against the Swarm”

DragonScale: Dawkin’s Dive

“Against the Swarm”


Edge_of_Tomorrow_Concept_Art_by_Alex_Mandra_alienConcept-4_zps7d1f347c“Hey, guys. This is Eric Mendoza, just…just making a record in case we don’t make it. Which is looking more and more likely every second.

“Time: about 5 in the afternoon. Location: way out in the jungle, on one of the company executive’s private plantations, it seems. Looks like they’ve set up quite the illegal drug farm, too. Terra Venture owns the only contract to this world, and most of it’s never been officially explored, so they’ve got quite the racket going on here. But if I were to venture a guess, this imported flora and all the chemicals they use on it really riled the jungle up a bit. Got it a bit steamed. So much so that things finally came to a head.

the avengers 2012 movie marvel comics official poster hawkeye dropship concept art design sci fi spacship carrier scarlet futuristic hovercraft vtol craftLast night, the plantation was attacked by hordes of wild fauna, taking out a number of their perimeter lights and all their automated defenses. Killed most of the security detail, too. They managed to hold off until daybreak and radioed for extraction, with the ground routes out being compromised and all. Me and my team hop in the nearest Ajax transport, and I fly them out to hell-knows-where to pick up whoever’s still alive. Should be an easy in, easy out.

02b1e55a9ec601b56a1dcbfc8d5ce43f“Aaand things go tits up as soon as we get there. While I’m making my approach, hundreds of these–I don’t even know what they were, some new kind of avian–jump right up at us from the trees. I lose both engines instantly, and it’s all I can do to make sure we still make it to the landing zone at the top of the building. Came in too fast and hard, skidded to the edge, and came to a rest…right on top of their communications tower.

“That’s when all the yelling started, and cork me for a corn-pipe if these guys even take a moment to breath. See, our short-wave radio won’t reach up out of this valley we’re in, and our crash landing took out the only other way to get word to the outside. Even if HQ gathers we’re in a fix, they’re not going to get troops here by nightfall, if at all. And nightfall is when the jungle gets really vicious.

“So we took stock. We got an Electronics Technician, who can keep our more advanced guns up and running, no matter what EW they throw against us. We’ve got a Xenobiologist, who swears he can tame one of these biological blowhards, if he can ever get close enough without dying. We’ve got some guy who thinks he’s some kind of knight or samurai, walking around with this big-ass sword like he’s some kind of Duelist. We even got a Non-Lethal Specialist, who’s really good at taking things down without actually hurting them. So, I guess after we die, we can at least feel good about that.

b1e72e6e659a77b4cd1092f9e9a645c5“Oh, well then, lastly you have me, probably the most useless cock of the bunch. A Pilot, with no vehicle. Buuut at least I have the codes to remote-control any of the vehicles on this compound from anywhere AND their mounted weapons, so I guess there’s that.

“Sounds like they’re yelling for me now, so I’d better wrap this up. We’ve got six civilians we got to get out of here somehow…the company executive Vince, who thinks he can get anything he wants by threatening; his coked-up wife; their stuck-up virtuoso daughter (or that’s what they tell me); a young son they don’t keep half as close an eye on as they should; the chief of security, who also likes yelling; and the last poor schmuck of the security detail, who gets the ass from everyone. And I don’t like a single one of them.

“The plan is–and I’m half joking here, cause we all know how well plans go in combat–the plan is for us to refit some of the vehicles they have here in the compound, mount some guns and stuff, and bust our way out of here, guns blazing against the swarm. If all goes well, we make it back to camp more-or-less in one piece. If all doesn’t go as planned…well, that’s why I’m making this.

YEAH, ALL RIGHT, I’M COMING! Geez, what a dick. Anyway, that’s pretty much everything, so wish us the best. And Mom, if you’re seeing this, somehow, I just want you to know that I swear to all things in heaven, that I would never, ever have taken that girl home if I knew she was your younger clone.”

“Against the Swarm” is an expansion to the “Dawkin’s Dive” Basic Game Set. It introduces new roles, new equipment, vehicles, group objectives, and a new setting and story to explore!

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