Discovered Lore (Optional)

“Discovered Lore” represents any fact or trivia about the world around them that Players might happen upon. While the GM is still the primary source of the story, intermittent “clues” that Players can pick up and study help give the sense that they’re actively discovering the world around them, instead of simply having it presented to them. Additionally, they can give the sense of “always something else” to discover, while easing the GM’s burden of remembering to present every detail.

There are a number of ways to introduce Lore Cards to the Players. For example, in a setting with only a few Lore cards, they can be shuffled directly into the Gold “Loot” Deck. In other, more developed settings, the Lore cards can form their own deck which is drawn from at the conclusion of Combat. It is also conceivable to mix these two strategies.

Below are a few distinct ways to introduce Lore as a Card: