What DragonScale Does

Roleplaying games can be difficult to get into, particularly for the uninitiated. Most systems inundate new players with a crushing amount of up-front rules and character options. Others sidestep the problem by using a simpler, boardgame approach, but they are difficult for the Game Master to expand upon or customize.

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The DragonScale system attempts to address both problems. Players can jump in quickly with little preparation, learning additional rules as they go. Instead of a rulebook or character sheets, the GM and players use cards to keep track of items, equipment, and abilities.

The DragonScale system is built upon three key concepts:

  • Playability. Players and GM alike can jump right into playing a new session in the first five minutes. Maintaining a steady and engrossing pace comes naturally.
  • Scalability. The GM is free to add, remove, or tinker with individual elements on the spot, quickly and hassle-free. No calculators are required. The system also accepts original material readily.
  • Portability. The entire system fits easily into a single briefcase for transport. No more carrying rule books, lugging boxes, or searching through digital resources!

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